Injection molding and/or Machining plastic ASTM Tensile & Flex specimens, Flame bars & Discs


Types of molded and/or machined test specimens:

1. Tensile: ASTM D638 Type I (0.125 inch thick * 0.50 wide * 6.50 long), a.k.a. dumbbell, dog-bone 

2. Specimens of special thickness, e.g. ASTM D638 Type I,  ASTM D1822-S(L) and other test bars, discs:  FAST TURNAROUND IS POSSIBLE, upon request, we CNC mill the requested cavity rapidly into a current or new mold plate or modify our 6.7 * 6.7-inch edge gated plaque mold to accommodate your thickness requirement (e.g. 0.010+ inch to 0.40+ inch) often in two days and water-jet or laser cut, stamp or CNC machine the specimens in Flow, Cross flow direction or at any angle between.  Regarding molded thin sections, our fast, accumulator-assisted injection molding machine can be employed to attempt the achievement of the required flow length in the specimen.    

3. Tensile: ASTM D638 Type IV  (0.051 inch thick * 0.25 wide * 4.50 long)   

4. Tensile: ASTM D638 Type V   (0.062 inch thick * 0.125 wide * 2.50 long)  

5. Flex bar: 0.125 inch thick * 0.50 wide * 5.0 long

6. Disc: 0.040 inch thick * 2.50 Dia. 

For 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 types high-volume specimen molding is offered depending upon the polymer.  

The specimens are molded under highly controlled molding and desiccant drying (if needed) conditions, which can be specified by our clients.   

Additional services:

Expert Injection Molding Consulting and Analysis (Mold flow, Warpage, Cycle Time, Cooling, Tolerance and Shrinkage), FEA, DOE and Process personnel training since 1983.


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