Mold flow and Stress analysis, Expert Witness, Consulting, DOE & Design

APD / Advanced Plastics Design, Inc.

Expert Mold flow, Cycle time, Shrinkage, precision Cooling, Warpage, Stress (e.g. Top Load) and Thermal analyses supported by decades of hands-on precision molding skills 

Toro's Blower Tube (click on >> case study).

Injection Molding Engineering / Analysis(Flow, Shrinkage, Tolerance, Cycle time, Cooling, Warpage, FEA Stress(e.g.Top Load) and Thermal) ... Consulting ... Design ... DOE ... Troubleshooting ... Training ... Expert Witness ... Expert Testimony ...

Based on extensive experience we offer the following injection molding services since 1983:

Our office is located at: 7 South Applewood Court, Fairfield (Cincinnati), OH 45014 (USA), the molding lab address is 11088 Southland Road, Forest Park (Cincinnati), OH 45240.  We can be reached by phone at (513) 860-4585 or by e-mail at

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